Overarching feeling of the week

Between a rock and hard place in terms of workload but delighted by positive contributions of team members and some unexpected fun.


Saying no or more accurately saying not yet. Karolina and I explored whether we could develop and deliver some training as part of a digital inclusion pilot. We wanted to do it, but recognised we couldn’t do the opportunity justice at the moment. By saying no, we were able to explore how we could stay involved in the pilot from a training perspective, contributing something tangible to the work alongside building up our in-house skills and knowledge. Supportive and curious conversations with Ed and Hiba from DGCities helped to quickly bottom an alternative that works for everyone.


I’m learning to better discern the difference between what I need to be close to and things I can be interested in, but less hands on. My overactive sense of fairness* makes me want to give all work and people equal attention. There’s an obvious flaw to this logic! Before jumping in I’m trying to take a moment to decide if/how I can add value. Rather than trying to be all things to all people, my aim is better hone my involvement relative to the circumstances.

Next week

I’m taking another step closer to building a team of Delivery Managers. I’ll be sifting applications and setting up interviews. We’ll be taking stock of our cloud migration project and looking at how we set this work up for success. I’ll also be prepping for our third digital board and our second Contracts and Governance team day.

What I’m reading and watching

I’m looking for read/watch/listen recommendations about the benefits of Cloud that isn’t marketing material. Something that’s aimed at leaders rather than technologists.

*Possibly some control-freakery added in

Head of Delivery at Royal Borough of Greenwich. Formally of HackIT, Hackney Council