Good things

I’ve been more ruthless with my focus this week and I can see tangible progress as a result. My Trello board is reflective of my current workload. This requires a little bit of love and attention every couple of days, but having a single point of truth where…

Good things

I feel rested after 10 days off and enthusiastic about the year ahead. A clean up of my working space — mostly curating the numerous post-its and scraps of paper — resulted in a handwritten to-do list which I’ve gradually converted into Trello cards this week. There’s something…

One big thing and two smaller things

1. View your Council Tax online goes live!

We launched our first digital product this week. Our first iteration of an online Council Tax service landed on Thursday. I’ve had virtually nothing to do with this work, it has been ably led by…

Four things about this week

1. Hanging out with project managers

We had our first ever team day on Wednesday. Tailoring the day to meet the needs of the team was really important. Our outcomes were framed around inputs provided by the team. This included some social time to talk…

Five things about this week

1. Staring down a blocker

Capacity in our tech teams has been a blocker for a while now. Talented people have been turning themselves inside out to juggle variously sized projects and the day-to-day of keeping the lights on. This isn’t great for people’s well-being…

Overarching feeling of the week



I’m really enjoying the increasing inclusion of different voices in decision making (and a shift towards decision making within teams), and the growing attention to detail being given to “the what” and “the why” before jumping into a piece of work. We are…

Overarching feeling of the week

Like squeezing into a pair of jeans that are a size too small.


Beth joined the team as a Delivery Manager. Emma’s been flying the flag for delivery and agile practices on her own for the last four months. …

Overarching feeling of the week

I’m going to have to change the format of my weeknotes because I’m running out of words to describe the overarching feeling of the week.



We are testing out a way of doing people allocation to help us make sure we’re focusing…

Philippa Newis

Head of Delivery at Royal Borough of Greenwich. Formally of HackIT, Hackney Council

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